About Us and FAQs about Joining Pack 631 and about Pack Activities

Welcome! Pack 631 is sponsored by Woodward Academy, and our Dens meet at Woodward's Primary School (Tigers, Wolves and Bears in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade), and Lower School (Webelos I and II Dens in 4th and 5th Grade). We have an irregular schedule -- usually two "Den Meetings" a month, and our "Pack Meetings" are usually Weekend events (campouts, hikes, and other activities). Please also see our photo site.

For Parents and Prospects: Pack 631 is a Volunteer Program run by Parents, suppporting each other, and sharing the work and rewards; here is an overview of Cub Scouting. For the Program to work, we must have commitment from Parents, so that all Dens have enough regular leadership, and all Pack Roles are filled (and jobs shared). Every year some Den and Pack Leaders will "retire" from their commitments -- and other Parents must step up and help if the program is to run. To make that work, every Parent must agree to the "Every Parent Leads" commitment.

Also attached below is a set of "Frequently Asked Questions" about the Pack (these are also along the left side of the website page).  Or ask the Pack Chair or Pack Trainer for more information.

To sign up a new Pack 631 Scout (if you are not currently registered in Pack 631 -- if you were in last year, skip below to "sign up a returning Pack 631 Scout"): 

To sign up a returning Pack 631 Scout (one currently registered in Pack 631 the previous spring):  just pay the Pack Dues (step 3 above).

Adults are encouraged to Register as Leaders or Committee Members (cost included in your son's dues, and you get "Scouting Magazine"), and adults who will have a Den or Pack Leadership role need to Register.  To do that if you are not a currently registered Pack 631 leader who has maintained Youth Protection Training current (every two years), as shown at https://my.scouting.org/:

  • first, complete and sign the attached Adult Application if not currently registered with Pack 631, and email applications@atlanta631.mypack.us for instructions about where to send that (a completed, signed original copy must be mailed . . . email does not work);
  • second, if you do not have a current BSA registration number with current -- within two years -- "Youth Protection Training", as shown at https://my.scouting.org/, your Adult Application needs to be coupled with evidence of completion of "Youth Protection Training" by taking the course at https://my.scouting.org/ and printing the completion certificate).   To print the YPT Certificate, at the end of the Course, it will ask you for your "Council", and ours is "Atlanta Area Council", then enter your name on the final page, and 631 as the unit number, and follow the instructions to Print the Certificate.

Other Stuff.  For uniforms and equipment, our Pack is in the Atlanta Area Council, which has a Scout Volunteer Service Center and Shops to serve Parents and Leaders (or see this link for the closest store).  An Annual Health Form is required for Summer Camp and some other BSA events (see the FAQs at the bottom of the Health & Medical Record Page) -- but for Den and Pack Meetings, please advise your Den Leader if your son has a health or other condition that needs attention.  To get an insight into Leadership in Scouting (what you can do, and what other parents are doing for your son -- current Pack and Den Roles are attached, also listing those who need to select how they will lead), please take one or more courses on line at https://my.scouting.org/, including Cub Scout Leader training and Youth Protection training.