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Scout Me In!  Welcome to Pack 631, Sponsored by Woodward Academy!  This year everyone is still fired up and ready for Pack 631 to go camping and hiking and biking and fishing and trailblazing and more!  Last year, Pack 631 had a great October Campout on the lake, did Winter Rockclimb Overnighting at Stone Summit, Pinewood Derby, did more spring camping in "Yurts", and biked and hiked and explored many other wild places. 

New This Year: Girls in Cub Scouting!  Yes, we are open to girls joining us, with adult female leaders to help support them.  And kindergarten kids too.  For more, see New for 2018 - Girls and Lions.

What Wild activities will we plan next?  Stay tuned for details here on the website and "like us" on our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Pack631.  There's a lot that we might do, if Every Parent Leads and helps out ... 

Once you Login, you will have access to a full calendar of Wild events!  Forgot how to Login? Email the Webmaster!  Not a member of the Pack, but think you might be Wild enough to join?  For contact information about Pack 631, please see our About Us and How to Join page on the left menu bar.  Need even more info, please contact the Cubmaster or Pack Committee Chair.

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Reminder about Volunteering: Every Parent Leads, not just Den Leaders

Posted on Dec 5 2018 - 6:51pm

There are a number of things needed to renew the Pack 631 Charter in the next few weeks:  Scouts, Den Leaders, a Cubmaster and a Committee Chair. 

  • We have plenty of Scouts and we are blessed with Den Leaders.  So, two of the four essentials.
  • Just need a Cubmaster and a Committee Chair.

Chair and Cubmaster are not as hard as Den Leader!  More on Pack Leader Roles is here.   We're asking that you go to the Signup Genius survey and enter how you can help.  See https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c084aa9a82f4-cubscout.  

  • Thanks to Sholah Pittman and Edgar Mosely, who volunteered to lead events in the Spring.
  • And Alicia, Tahira and Mary, who signed up as event helpers.
  • If you can’t be Chair or Cubmaster, sign up for something else.
  • Or sign up to be Chair or Cubmaster for just now through May. 
  • Or to take over as Chair or Cubmaster next summer.

Things the Pack Might Do - All the Dens, K thru 5 ... and Who Might Plan and Lead

Posted on Nov 28 2018 - 6:19pm

Some events are on the calendar (but will need leaders and helpers ... and thanks to those on this list, it is much appreciated!  Click here to add your name), like a Pinewood Derby Garage Work Day on January 26 for car building, with a Pinewood Derby Race Day on February 9.  Does anyone want a big trip in January or February, like Space Camp in Huntsville, or overnights at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga or McWane Science Center in Birmingham?  Want a big campout like Trailblazer, but in North Georgia?  The first Atlanta Area Council "Cub Challenge" camp is set for March 15-17 at Woodruff Scout Camp near Blue Ridge!  Maybe camp April 5-7 (location to be determined)?  The Blue & Gold Banquet (with awards) will be Friday, May 3.  Maybe a spring bike ride/hike at Arabia Mountain near Lithonia?  What do you want to do?  Feel free to comment below.

So here’s the deal … we have Den Leaders and each den is doing program, but there are other roles to support activities that involve all of the dens that are yet unfilled.  These are not as hard as Den Leader, and they range from Committee Chair, to Cubmaster, to individual event coordinators and helpers for events like Pinewood Derby, to Spring Camping, to Blue & Gold Awards Banquet, to a big Winter Trip, and some other support roles. 

  • More on Pack Leader Roles is here.
  • FYI, when the Pack re-started in 2003-04, we had no idea how to do things.  Now we have lots of ideas, and a Pack Trainer so willing to help advise people who step up.

So, we ask each parent to go to the Signup Genius survey and enter how you can help.  See https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c084aa9a82f4-cubscout.  

  • The Den Leaders do a lot.  But they cannot do it all.

And these are not permanent jobs.  We're asking for just a commitment to May, because there are a lot of fun activities that can be done between now and May.  And separately we’re asking “for next year”, because you may want to commit for then, and see how it goes this year as just a helper.

What’s a “Pack”? What’s a “Den”?

Posted on Nov 28 2018 - 6:17pm

From our FAQs:  What’s a “Pack”? What’s a “Den”?  The “Pack” consists of all of the “Dens” of Cub Scouts (see http://atlanta631.mypack.us/roster/subunit/all); Cub Scouts are in Dens.  “Dens” are the key group: usually 6 to 8 or so Cub Scouts of the same Grade or age level, plus a Den Leader and Assistant Den Leaders, and all other Parents (since we must require that “Every Parent Leads” – see below).  Dens meet together on a schedule the Den families choose – Pack 631 is embracing the more “hands on”, active elements in the Cub Scout handbooks since 2015.

Many New Events: All Den Levels Up and Running Now

Posted on Nov 28 2018 - 6:16pm

Each Den level is up and running with program ... see Adventures and Activities on the Calendar and on the right side of this page.  FYI, if you want to simplify your view on the Website and eBlast, you can choose the "Filter Content" tool on the left side of the Website.  As a reminder, here's the Den Levels and Den Leaders:

Photos and Facebook ...

Posted on Nov 14 2018 - 6:51pm

There's pictures of many things at our Facebook page, now with pool party pictures -- like and share!  And post and share away.  Post also in the Pack Events Photo Gallery, like in the Gallery of Trailblazer Camping Photos from last year -- we'd like to keep some from this year too (email the Pack Trainer for a login to post your pictures).   A side folder has "pack and troop" pictures ... see pictures here of Webelos Camping with Troop 631 last November.

Youth Registration Time!

Posted on Nov 7 2018 - 12:58pm

Participating in Cub Scouts?  Don’t forget to register your youth. To register, go:

Don't want to join?  OK to go to either page and enter "not attending" or email the webmaster.

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