Scout Me In ... Join Pack 631!

Scout Me In!  Welcome to Pack 631, Sponsored by Woodward Academy!  This year everyone is still fired up and ready for Pack 631 to go camping and hiking and biking and fishing and trailblazing and more!  Last year, Pack 631 had a great October Campout on the lake, did Winter Rockclimb Overnighting at Stone Summit, Pinewood Derby, did more spring camping in "Yurts", and biked and hiked and explored many other wild places. 

Girls in Cub Scouting!  Yes, we are open to girls joining us, with adult female leaders to help support them.  And kindergarten kids too.  

What Wild activities will we plan next?  Stay tuned for details here on the website and "like us" on our Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Pack631.  There's a lot that we might do, if Every Parent Leads and helps out ... 

Once you Login, you will have access to a full calendar of Wild events!  Forgot how to Login? Email the Webmaster!  Not a member of the Pack, but think you might be Wild enough to join?  For contact information about Pack 631, please see our About Us and How to Join page on the left menu bar.  Need even more info, please contact the Cubmaster or Pack Committee Chair.

Cub Scouting at Home -- Adventure Resources for All Ranks

Posted on Apr 1 2020 - 3:41pm

Your Pack Trainer has posted this Every Cub Adventure (95+) page with links to more than 95 pages with resources that show fun ways to complete Handbook "Adventures" by a family at home.   Adventure by Adventure.  Find the ones you like.  Each one has it's own page, and each has Den Leader Guide resources and other tips about how Parents can Lead their Scouts at Home.  (Spoiler Alert: You Can).  More at https://www.southfultonscouting.com/node/4302.  

At Home Adventure Highlights

Posted on Mar 25 2020 - 1:06pm

More at the "How Parents Can Do Cub Scouting at Home!" page maintained by the Pack Trainer (with tips about all Cub Scout Adventures at all ranks), but here's a list of our daily "highlighted Cub Scout Adventures" so far:

More at the new "How Parents Can Do Cub Scouting at Home!" page.

Ways to Serve Safely from Home

Posted on Mar 18 2020 - 11:07am

With schools closed, how do you continue to “Do a Good Turn Daily” like a Scout should?  And what can you do in these difficult times.  Know that acts of Scouting service don’t have to stop because you’re at home practicing social distancing.  More at https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2020/03/18/good-turns-during-the-coronavirus-acts-of-scouting-service-you-can-do-from-home/.

Cub Scouting While "COVID-Cancelled". You Can Do Scouting at Home!

Posted on Mar 16 2020 - 10:11am

Got Cub Scouts at Home?  Want to turn off the TV?  Want to Do Scouting With Them?  You Can!!  Here are some resources that you can use to deliver the Cub Scout program while School is out and meetings are covid-cancelled.  

First, a Public Service Announcement.  Here are some links to important official sites about the current COVID-19 situation:

And with that health and safety introduction, we now share a number of updated resources on the Cub Scout Adventure (meeting) Plans page maintained by the Pack 631 Trainer.  

Cub Scouting Resources to Help You.  While these resources show fun ways to complete Handbook "Adventures" in a Den setting, activities can also be done by a family, or with the Scout and a caring adult partner, and most Handbook "Adventures" can be earned outside of an "in person" Den meeting or Pack activity.  You can find "Do At Home" Adventure tips and plans for all levels of Cub Scouting at the following pages: 

  • Kindergarten Lion Adventure "Do At Home" Tips are here, with links to the Lion Den Leader Guide
  • 1st Grade Tiger Adventure "Do At Home" Tips are here, with links to both Streamlined plans for "Required" Adventures, and multi-meeting plans from the printed Guide, including all of the "Elective" Adventures
  • 2nd Grade Wolf Adventure "Do At Home" Tips are here, with links to both Streamlined and multi-meeting plans, including the "Elective" Adventures 
  • 3rd Grade Bear Adventure "Do At Home" Tips are here, with links to both Streamlined and multi-meeting plans, including the "Elective" Adventures
  • 4th Grade Webelos Adventure "Do At Home" Tips are here, with links to both Streamlined and multi-meeting plans, including the "Elective" Adventures
  • 5th Grade Arrow of Light Adventure "Do At Home" Tips are here
  • Want more? 
    • Want to Review (or do) Bobcat?  See some Bobcat Meeting Plans and Game Ideas here.  Did your Scout already earn the Bobcat?  Maybe have your Scout teach you!
    • We've got more activities and links to sites with activities here.
    • There are some Cub Scout Preview Adventures, starting with "Protect Yourself Rules" and "Yo-Yo" (for all Cubs and Webelos).  See https://www.scouting.org/programs/cub-scouts/preview-adventures/.

Parents are Leaders.  Cub Scouts can work with their parents and other caring adult partners to do Cub Scout activities. 

  • Yes, parents: you are leading your children now, and you can lead Cub Scout adventures with your Scouts.
  • So even if you are not a Den Leader, parents and other family members can and should be a leader to their own Scout, because Family Involvement is a key method of Cub Scouting.  
  • At the very least, parents and other caring adult partners can and should read the Handbook with their Scout.

In the Adventure Plans described and posted on those pages linked above, you'll see that:

  • some Adventures call for Den Activities that might be impossible or difficult to pull off during times of "social distancing" ...
    • ... but also other activities that can easily be done by a parent or other adult partner with the Scout,
    • or as a family unit, all parents and siblings together. 
  • So where you see "Den" activities that work well with a group and might be fun with a group, consider whether you actually have a group to do these activities with your Scout at home:
    • many of these activities could be done at home with other family members participating.     
  • And as you look at the referenced "Leader Guide" (BSA Guide) Adventure Plans attached on those pages linked above, don't be confused:  the den activities described in those Adventure Plans are not what is "required" to be done to complete the Adventure ...
    • ...  it is the listed "requirements" of each Adventure (listed near the front of each Adventure Plan and in your Scout's Handbook) that are "required" to be done to complete the Adventure.
    • Every Adventure Plan has extra elements just to give fun and meaningful ideas about how to deliver the program.

So check out those links above to find Adventures that can be easily done at home as well as Adventures that call for "Den" Activities (but could be done at home, and completed with a bit of creativity).

Woodward Schedule

Posted on Mar 13 2020 - 11:08am

As you know, Woodward has suspended classes on Campus, and all Woodward students in grades Pre-K to 12 will begin learning remotely, at least until Friday, March 27.  So on campus activies for the Pack and Dens are also cancelled in that time frame.  For more, see https://www.woodward.edu/coronavirus, which will include updates after that date.

Cub Summer Camp is the Most Fun Event Ever

Posted on Mar 11 2020 - 10:52pm

You may not know this, but ... Cub Scout Summer Camp is the Most Fun Event Ever! Here's photos from when the Pack sent groups (to what was then called "Webelos Camp") in 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, and 2006.   Information and registration is now online at www.CampBertAdams.org/CubOvernight, and you'll find Family Overnight Camping Fun in all sizes, from: 

  • Cub Weekend Camp ... there are Three Sessions of Overnight Weekend Camp, from Friday at 2 PM - Sunday at 8 PM, July 10-12, July 17-19 and July 24-26 ... includes the great Outback Adventure for Arrow of Light Scouts! (The Outback Adventure is for rising 5th Graders ... they go with others at the same level "across the lake" for a night of special older Scout activities led by Camp Staff, not parents.)
    • We're setting up "Event Registration" for each of July 10-12, July 17-19 and July 24-26 to see who wants to go when ... 
    • ... We can go as a Pack, a Den, or just you and your Scout -- and you can go more than once (Register for a second session and receive $75 off your registration!)
    • So, sign up at any or all of July 10-12July 17-19 and July 24-26 so we can see who wants to go when ... signup isn't a "hard" commitment ... it's to see who might want to go so that one or more groups can go.
    • And there is more ... 
  • Cub STEM Camp ... advanced sessions designed for Bear, Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts (so, current 2nd through 4th Grade), running Monday at 10 AM - Wednesday at 8 PM July 13-15 and July 20-22.

Register prior to March 31, 2020 and receive $10 off per person!

 ... more at www.CampBertAdams.org/CubOvernight

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